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Do you have to be an entrepreneurship major to participate in the Entrepreneurship Scholars program?

No, anyone can apply for admission to the program regardless whether or not you are a currently registered UMKC student.  All currently enrolled UMKC students are eligible.  Students from all UMKC schools can participate in the program, including Arts & Sciences, Education, Law, Computing and Engineering, Pharmacy, Conservatory, Medical, Nursing, and Bloch School of Management.  Non-UMKC applicants will be required to complete an additional application.

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What is the length of the program?

The program is twelve months in duration.  It begins in May every year and concludes in April the following year.

What is the time commitment to be involved in the E-Scholars Program?

A minimum of 15 hours per week is necessary in order to be successful in the program.  This time includes research and development, completing assignments, attending workshops, and meetings with faculty and mentors.  Students who do not complete the assignments or who are absent from workshops without permission will be dropped from the program.

Is there a cost to participate?

Scholarships are available to all accepted applicants and cover the majority of program costs.

Does completion of the E-Scholars Program result in a degree?

No, it is a non-degree, certificate program.  The candidate will be honored with the “Status of Entrepreneurship Scholar” Certificate upon graduation from the E-Scholars Program.

Can I get course credit for participation in the program?

Yes, Entrepreneurship Scholar candidates may elect to register for up to three 3-credit courses. The grading of these courses will be based on the individual’s performance in the Entrepreneurship Scholars Program.  Fees for these optional credit courses are not covered by program tuition (or scholarship).

I have an idea for a nonprofit business.  Can I apply to the program?

The primary focus of the E-Scholars Program is the creation of wealth and jobs through scalable, sustainable ventures that have the potential to achieve $50,000 in sales the first year and $1 million in five years.  To date, all E-Scholar ventures have been for-profit enterprises.

How does the mentor program work?

Candidates meet regularly with mentors to design, implement, and lead their new business creation project. Candidates will network with top entrepreneurs and faculty, and collaborate with peers and other Entrepreneurship Scholars. Candidates will receive design training from experts, strategy and marketing instruction from world-class faculty, fundraising consulting from entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funds, and legal guidance from pro bono lawyers.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are proven entrepreneurs and accomplished business leaders who share their expertise and wisdom through guidance to entrepreneurs as they build their ventures.  Our mentor group has representation from numerous industries and functional areas.  For details, see

How do I select my mentor?

Mentors see a group of venture presentations and select the one(s) with which to work.  In the process of completing assignments, student entrepreneurs provide descriptions of their ventures.  Faculty will share those descriptions with all mentors.  In addition, student entrepreneurs must make a pitch to a group of the mentors at a scheduled event.  Based on venture descriptions, and subject to their interest and availability, mentors will indicate the venture(s) with which they would like to work.  Faculty will endeavor to insure that each venture has access to a one-on-one mentor.  In addition, students will meet monthly with groups of mentors to receive feedback on various aspects of their plans.

Can I work in  a team (rather than on my own)?

Absolutely.  It is encouraged since a team of individuals often realize success quicker.

When am I eligible for Incubator space?

Upon acceptance into the program, candidates are eligible for shared space within the Incubator.  Candidates may apply for dedicated space after January 2012.  

Are the workshop sessions mandatory?

Yes, all workshop sessions are mandatory as are review meetings with mentors.

What requirements must be met in order to graduate from the program?

Candidates must complete all assignments and a comprehensive business plan.  In addition, their venture must be deemed “ready for launch” by a mentor review panel.

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