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Team Composition and Student Involvement

The Challenge is for student created, managed, and owned ventures. To be eligible, at least one of the team members must be a currently enrolled degree-seeking student at one of the higher education institutes in Missouri or Kansas, or a current UMKC Entrepreneurship Scholar. The student must be in good academic standing.

The students must (1) have played a major role in conceiving the venture, (2) be a member of the venture’s start-up management team and actively involved in managing the venture, and (3) have equity in the venture.

The business plan must be developed during the student's tenure at the university. Student teams may compete twice in the competition at different years, but the business models must be significantly different in order to win any awards.

Eligible students can form a team with non-student business community members or alumni. Non-students may be members of the venture’s management team and may participate in planning the venture. There is no restriction on the total size of the venture’s founding team.

Ventures formed and managed by non-students who have given token equity to students for writing their business plan are not eligible.

Any exception to this rule must be approved in writing prior to the competition.