Student Ventures Win Next Level of Regnier Venture Creation Challenge
Initial Challenge Winners Compete for Additional Funds

Last April, student teams representing 70 startups were competed in the 2013 Regnier Venture Creation Challenge. After an “elevator pitch” competition, student teams displayed their venture ideas in the UMKC Student Union exhibit hall and spoke to some of the 200-plus judges, faculty, and mentors in attendance.

Teams selected as finalists formally presented their ventures to a panel of judges for the chance to win cash prizes, and, more importantly, for additional valuable feedback from judges and mentors.

On September 19, those finalist teams were invited back to participate in the next level of competition. Twelve teams entered the Regnier Venture Creation Challenge Finalist Competition held September 19, 2013, in the new Bloch Executive Hall. Four of those teams walked away with $5,000 each in prizes.

The finalists were invited to compete for one of four $5,000 awards. They presented their business models, progress to date, and their plans for the future to a panel of judges (consisting of Kansas City business and entrepreneurial leaders).

The judges evaluated the ventures on scalability (when the company would hit $1 million in revenue), team fit with opportunity (are these the right people to bring this venture to market), sustainability (long-term survival prospects for the enterprise), and investment appeal (if they were angel investors, would they put money into the company?).

Of the twelve teams that entered, four emerged victors: AudreySpirit, Envy Gaming, FolioMatch, and Insysiv. Below is information about all of the entrants.

  1. Alvoru: Alvoru garments are designed for women who want feminine, classic, comfortable and sophisticated clothes that balance career and casual with challenges of hormonal fluctuations that cause hot flashes and night sweats. Proactive fabric technology adapts and changes based on body temperature, managing heat to reduce overheating and perspiration.

  2. Audrey Spirit: xamtee™ and empowertee™ therapeutic garments are designed, manufactured and distributed by AudreySpirit, LLC. These garments are both hospital friendly and indistinguishable from street clothes. They feature innovative fasteners that allow for the connection of monitoring tubes and lines without interruption. This assists caregivers by reducing the risk of bloodstream infection, which patients routinely face, by reducing the need to remove tubing and lines whenever a patient needs to undress. xamtee™ apparel also decreases caregiver time, reduces risk of hospital-acquired complications and costs and improves the patient experience.

  3. Bye Bye Binky: Millions of parents are challenged with the process of weaning their children from their pacifiers. Bye Bye Binky is a transitional pacifier system consisting of three BPA free silicone pacifiers enclosed in a sterilizer case. As surface area reduces with each stage, maintaining suction becomes more difficult and slowly diminishes the satisfaction received from pacifier use.

  4. Envy Gaming: Envy Gaming, LLC, “Envy Gaming Gear” hand-tailors gaming products that are already manufactured in the video game market. Envy takes the gaming products that the masses already use, and adds the ability to individualize the design. Envy’s next product is a flexible, high-performance game controller for the serious competitive gamer.

  5. FolioMatch: FolioMatch enables students to create online portfolios, publish them, and then share them with colleges and employers. Students can showcase their best work and experiences. The more work they add, the more they will be matched to schools, organizations and companies that best fit them. Using the “student dashboard”, they can view their matches, search for scholarships, and connect with schools, organizations and companies that offer the best fit.

  6. Insysiv: Insysiv offers a new process for hospitals to achieve unprecedented discounts in a class of products known as Physician Preference Items (PPI). It does this while conveying benefits to the PPI vendors, thus fostering mutually beneficial engagements as opposed to the adversarial relationships often seen in the industry today. Insysiv gives hospitals the forecasting they need to make bigger purchases. Taking this model further, Insysiv allows any number of hospitals to pool their purchasing together into one bulk order for even greater savings. Greater savings for hospitals; bigger orders for vendors; better supply chain management in health care: Insysiv revolutionizes the way PPI purchasing is done.

  7. K&C Solutions: K&C provides an environmentally compliant way to wash and detail cars. To date, they have washed and detailed over 500,000 vehicles using the Shamerrific®. We offer onsite detailing at our shop in Overland Park, Kansas and mobile car detailing, lot washing, corporate and fleet washing. K&C’s guarantee is to keep vehicles clean, protected and looking like a positive reflection of the customer.

  8. Mark Medical: Mark Medical, Inc. ensures that older adults and individuals with chronic disease can remain living at home (“Age in Place”) and receive the appropriate care, reducing the need for older adults to move to more intensive, high-cost care settings.

  9. PatientsVoices™: Most hospitals rely on HCAHPS (patient satisfaction data mandated by the federal government) or other types of survey data to monitor patient experiences. Few hospitals have access to the type of patient feedback they need to diagnose and fix the problems that lead to patient dissatisfaction. PatientsVoices™ provides specific, actionable patient feedback that allows hospitals to improve their patient satisfaction ratings, optimize Medicare payments and retain valuable patients.

  10. RFP365: RFP stands for Request-for-Proposal and is a term referring to the standard business of requesting a sales proposal from a potential vendor. RFP365 is a web-based platform designed to facilitate the entire Request-for-Proposal (RFP) process. The application benefits both issuers and responders with time saving features, configurable workflow, and insightful analytics. RFP365 provides procurement and business development teams real-time reporting and knowledge management features in a collaborative environment.

  11. Tappecue: Tappecue is the future of thermometers used by the meat smoking hobbyists who need freedom from the smoke of their smokers yet still need constant monitoring or alerts. Unlike Bluetooth and radio frequency devices that limit the distance you can roam, Tappecue offers no limitations, which provides customers with freedom to work on home projects, get last minute supplies at the grocery store, or play a game of golf without worry.

  12. The Soccer Lot: The Soccer Lot is creating a nationwide chain of adult-centered soccer facilities and striving to become synonymous with 5-a-side soccer in the United States. The first facilities are slated for the Midwest, starting in the Kansas City area.

“While all of these startups were serious contenders, the judges had to narrow the field to four winners,” Regnier Institute Executive Director Michael Song explained. “Not only was this a great opportunity to help our ventures move forward, it was also a great way for many of our students to see what kinds of ventures they can create, and to see what kinds of questions business people ask when they are evaluating a new venture. I hope these programs give our students an understanding that they, too, can create a venture, if they have an idea about which they are passionate.”

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