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Arts and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Henry Bloch at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Submissions for the contest will be accepted until November 17th and Finalists will be announced by November 19th. Artwork will be displayed from November 16-20 as part of the Global Entrepreneurship week which is attended by Kansas City CEO's, entrepreneurs, city officials, and industry legends. As an artist and fellow entrepreneur, we hope you might see the advantage of attending this event and are encouraged to display your work.

Should you submit your concepts for gifts, we ask that you be present for the announcement of the contest winners at the Arts and Entrepreneurship Showcase and to answer any questions the judges may have. This showcase will take place in the Bloch Executive Hall, Room 331 on Friday, November 20th, at 4-6pm. The finalists will be asked to present their ideas to the audience and judging panel.

Do you have a portfolio yet? Whether or not you decide to submit ideas for the contest, you might consider this an excellent opportunity to display your own portfolio separately. Bloch Executive Hall will host a gallery of student portfolios as well as the submissions for the contest. There are no fees to submit for your work, simply register at the link below and we’ll contact you about how to get your work on display.

Contest Registration Form

Gallery Registration Form