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Arts and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Henry Bloch at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Now that you know what you are submitting ideas for, there are a few parameters we’d like to set for you. First, you need to let us know you plan to participate. Simply provide us with some information by registering. Once we receive your intention to participate, feel free to get started on working on your gift! To help you create the gift, and how you think it would be best suited to represent Kansas City you can use the following artwork:

What Is It?

Describe the subject of the gift. Literally what it will be made of, how it will look, its general dimensions, and any physical properties, all described to the best of your abilities. The more thorough you are, the better understanding the judges will have of your idea. Keep in mind that gifts are given to visitors, meaning they have to transport them home. The average suitcase is roughly 22” x 14” x 9”, this should be the limit for your gifts.

How Is It Significant?

Describe to us why this gift might be unique to those visiting Kansas City. How is it representative of the city? Is there a particular aspect of the city you are focusing on?

Here are some aspects we at Enactus like to highlight about the city:

  • The Entrepreneurial culture and the successes that this city has fostered

  • The technological aspects of the city, including the “Smart City” and Google Fiber

  • The fantastic downtown skyline the city features

  • Our fountains (only Rome, Italy has more fountains than Kansas City)

This is where we really want your creative capacities might really come into play. How are the three gifts that you’re submitting to represent the city unique, in ways that say, a Royals T-Shirt aren't? Still not quite sure where to go with this? No problem, read further for more help.

What Is the Projected Value?

To whatever extent you are capable in this preliminary stage of conception, we’ll want you to describe what you think it will cost to produce the gift.

Clearly determine which level of value the gift will be. If you are having trouble determining this, try considering the monetary cost of having the gift made. The projected value for the gift must be $25 or less.

In case this is not already clear, gifts MUST be manufacturable. We cannot accept submissions for gifts that need to be made by hand. Don’t let this rule discourage you from getting creative, as you might be surprised to what options manufacturers have these days. This is an element of your submission that will involve a little a research, and we are aware that this might prove challenging for you. In fact, we are counting on it.

Click on FAQs and Deadlines to find out how to get in touch with us, as we want to do everything in our power to help you strengthen this aspect of your submission.

Once your proposal is finished, email it to us at