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Arts and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Henry Bloch at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

UMKC Enactus, in partnership with the city of Kansas City, Missouri, is now accepting submissions for the Arts & Entrepreneurship Contest. The City has requested proofs of concept for gifts that they can give to visiting government officials, business delegations, and other international groups visiting Kansas City. The City has recognized that they need gifts that will impress foreign visitors and that the young artists of Kansas City are the perfect people to come up with the new designs.

The winning submissions will have the opportunity to directly represent Kansas City, as well as receive the following cash prizes:

  • 1st Place-$1,200

  • 2nd Place-$750

  • 3rd Place-$500

On the right you’ll find some further explanation to what is being asked of you, as well as some rough guidelines to stick to as you consider your submissions.