Any undergraduate student within the University of Missouri – Kansas City campus, with an interest in furthering their knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The certificate will give a competitive edge in the job market or it will help them jumpstart on a new venture.


Complete ENT 215/315 or ENT 460

Complete an additional ENT elective

Participate in either the “Roo Idea Jump” (Fall Semester) or “Regnier Venture Creation Challenge” competition (Spring Semester).

After completion of above 3, apply individually using the prescribed application form.

Quality Control and Approval of Certification

  • A 3 member faculty board will review all applications and approve certification.

  • Quality control elements include:

    • Course Performance: The certified students must have a class grade of “B” or above in the two ENT courses.

    • Business Plan/Feasibility Performance: The business plan or feasibility plan must pass a minimum quality requirement equivalent to a “B” in evaluation.

  • Faculty board will formally decide on all certification twice a year – In January and August.

  • Once, approval is received, the certificate will be prepared and distributed by Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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