Ranked as
one of the Top 25 graduate entrepreneurship programs
in the U.S. by

The Princeton Review
in 2009

Dr. Michael SongWe are glad that you are considering the Ph.D. Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management.

It is an exciting time to pursue a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. You can explore many intellectually stimulating research questions with great real world applications in this fast growing academic field. Moreover, job opportunities for new Ph.D. graduates are excellent. Demand for new faculty in Entrepreneurship far exceeds the supply of new Ph.D. graduates.

At the Bloch School of Management, we are building a “world-class” Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IEI). Nine tenure track faculty members are currently associated with the IEI. We plan to aggressively recruit four more faculty members over the next two years. Our faculty members are some of the most productive scholars in the field, regularly publishing in top tier journals and winning internationally renowned awards for their achievement.

Our doctoral program is also on the move. We plan to house about twenty Ph.D. students who are exclusively devoted to research in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This relatively large size will allow us to offer a comprehensive set of doctoral-level seminars in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and unparalleled research collaboration opportunities for our students. Further, our interdisciplinary focus will give our students a chance to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints to conduct research in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In short, we aim to build a premier doctoral program to train future scholars in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

I encourage you to thoroughly examine our web site to learn more about the IEI, its faculty and research, and our Ph.D. Program. You will be impressed with what we have to offer you!

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application.

Best regards,

Michael Song
Executive Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Charles N. Kimball, MRI/Missouri Endowed Chair in Management of
Technology and Innovation & Professor of Marketing