Why is it important to attend venture competitions?

In today's increasingly competitive business environment it is essential for budding entrepreneurs to visit venture competitions around the United States and the globe. Venture competitions expose students to multiple ideas and experts from different backgrounds and with diverse knowledge domains. By participating in a venture competition you can:

  • Get resources: Win prizes, meet with venture capitalists/investors, and other support services.

  • Get feedback: Reaction from experts who are not already familiar with you and your venture.

Click here to view a list of some competitions we have identified for UMKC IEI students.

  1. Look at the list. Find the competitions that you think will benefit you and apply. We have provided the submission deadline, competition date, location, application information, and a short description of each competition to make it easier for you to identify the competitions that fit your venture.
  2. Prepare your application. Remember that once you have created an application for one competition, it is easier to apply to other competitions using the application package you have prepared for your first competition!
  3. Keep us in the loop. We want to know what competitions you are participating in as well as your accomplishments.
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